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Vivanda’s FlavorPrint® uses a patented predictive, behavioral personalization technology to create a portable, personal food advisor for the consumer at every touch-point associated with the eating experience in the food eco-system, from inspiration to action.

• Predictive

Know you will like something before you try it

• Portable

Personal profile everywhere online

• Individual

Your personal food assistant

• Learning

The more you use FlavorPrint the smarter it gets

• Contextual

Understands your needs

Uniquely Positioned to Enhance Any Food Ecosystem Partner’s Customer Relationships

Inspiration Sites

Add personalization, Increase engagement and time on site


Personalize offers and recommendations, Leverage basket data, Add utility, Grow baskets and loyalty

CPG Manufacturers

Targeted recommendations and offers, Increased awareness and activation


Personalized Menus, Build check and loyalty

How does it work?

FlavorPrint learns from an individual's interactions with food by using user generated information, including taste, flavor, and food preferences. From this user information, FlavorPrint creates a unique taste profile for the user (also called a “FlavorPrint”) that provides highly personalized product, flavor, food, recipe and menu recommendations.

FlavorPrint is a big data predictive analytics platform that is programmed with state of the art food sensory and science information. FlavorPrint is based on cognitive computing and enhanced mathematical techniques and is underpinned by a proprietary data repository that we refer to as the Food and Eating Experience Genome.

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